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What is the UDC?

Soon after the War Between the States, several memorial and monument associations were formed along with the United Confederate Veterans organization and its auxiliary groups.

Our organization is a product of the merging of two groups originally formed in 1890 ~ the Missouri Daughters of the Confederacy (DOC) and the Ladies' Auxiliary of the Confederate Soldiers Home in Tennessee.

Originally named, the National Association of the Daughters of the Confederacy, the UDC holds the distinction of being 'the oldest patriotic organization in the country with an establishment date of September 10, 1894 in Nashville, Tennessee by founders Mrs. Caroline Meriwether Goodlett of Nashville and Mrs. Anna Davenport Raines of Georgia.


UDC Founder 

Mrs. Caroline Meriwether Goodlett

of Nashville


UDC Founder 

Mrs. Anna Davenport Raines

of Georgia

One year later in 1895, the current name, the United Daughters of the Confederacy® was adopted at its second meeting in Atlanta, Georgia. In 1919, the group was incorporated under the laws of the District of Columbia.

Originally organized as a service organization to aid the Confederate soldiers and their families, today the UDC is much more.  The United Daughters of the Confederacy® was founded in 1894, to preserve the memory and spirit of those who fought for our Southland. Through generations, the ideals of promoting historic preservation, education, and patriotism have stayed strong. The objectives of the organization are Historical, Educational, Benevolent, Memorial and Patriotic.

Our division chapters work to preserve history, especially that period of Southern history that relates to the period from 1861-1865 (the War Between the States). 

We provide scholarships for students descended from Confederate soldiers. Our members participate in living history demonstrations, teaching others about our nations history. 

We mark the graves of Confederate soldiers who fought gallantly in the War Between the States.

We do special things for our Real Daughters and Real Granddaughters of Confederate Veterans. Our chapters also perform many benevolent acts for today's active military and veterans including helping at VA facilities, sending care packages, etc.

We present Crosses of Military Service to veterans, send gifts to veterans in VA Hospitals and local nursing homes, work in VA Hospitals, plan projects for Days of Observance, respect the American and Confederate flags, and love our country.


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